• IT lithium ion battery
    Develop a large amount of materials to i
  • Electric vehicle, ESS
    Develop new generation high-capacity mat
  • Graphene supercapacitor
    Improve technical feature, develop high-

Innovation for novel technology

Service for the future, all products are manufactured through high-tech environmental standards, it's the world first organization in  the world equipped with mass production scale in graphene  industry
Five major advantages
  • Highly Reliable Product
    Assurance System
  • Customer-wised
    Engineering Service
  • Competitive Low Cost
  • Short Feedback
  • Evolve with Customers
About us
  • -01-

    High Specific Electric Capacity

  • -02-

    Long Cycle Performance

  • -03-

    Plug-In Process Adaptability

  • -04-

    Easy Adaption to Super Capacitor

  • -05-

    Worldwide Technology Networking

  • -06-

    Raw Material to final product in one Campus

  • -07-

    International Technology Training System